Master Your Marketing with the Masterful Alan Weiss & Lisa Larter

Monday August 22nd 1:00 pm EST (10:00am PST)

What do your buyers read? Publish there.

What do your buyers attend? Speak there.

Where do your buyers hang out? Network there.

Whom do your buyers respect? Ask for referrals there.

The Master Your Marketing Fireside Chat is an informal, 45-minute session that will include interactive discussion on what it takes to be a masterful marketer. You will experience an engaging conversation about best practices related to marketing that you can apply to your business immediately.

You will learn how to apply:

  • The identification of ideal clients
  • How to select the best means of access for your talents
  • How to attract solicited and unsolicited referrals
  • How to depict the best business model for low labor intensity
  • How to attract buyers to you at no expense and little effort

We’ll respond to questions during this session.
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Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss, PhD

Alan Weiss is one of those rare people who can say he is a consultant, speaker, and author and mean it.

His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients such as Merck, Hewlett-Packard, GE, Mercedes-Benz, State Street Corporation, Times Mirror Group, The Federal Reserve, The New York Times Corporation, Toyota, and over 500 other leading organizations. He has served on several boards of directors in various capacities.

His prolific publishing includes over 500 articles and 60 books, including his best-seller, Million Dollar Consulting (from McGraw-Hill) now in its 30th year and sixth edition. His newest is Your Legacy is Now: Life is not about a search for meaning but the creation of meaning (Routledge, 2021). His books have been on the curricula at Villanova, Temple University, and the Wharton School of Business, and have been translated into 15 languages.

Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter has successfully built two businesses that generate more than seven figures and has helped many of her clients do the same.

Founder and CEO of the Lisa Larter Group and Go Daxxi, she is a master strategist, author, speaker, podcast host, social media expert, consultant, and business coach. Lisa inspires entrepreneurs and business owners to see the possibilities for their organizations for growth and success. She deconstructs modern marketing and creates (and implements) strategies for businesses that are guaranteed to increase visibility, inbound leads, and revenue.

This webinar, inspired by Alan and Lisa’s new book Masterful Marketing, is for those who seek to stand out and disrupt the status quo.


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